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AnimeDay Schedule 10am-8pm

9:30am - Video Room open
10:00am - Marketplace, video games & artist area Open
10:00am - Panel: TBA (atrium)
10:30am - Raffle Drawing #1 (at admission table)
11:00am - Panel: TBA (atrium)
12:00pm - Panel: TBA (atrium)
12:30pm - Raffle Drawing #2 (at admission table)
1:00pm - Panel: TBA (atrium)
2:00pm - Panel: TBA (atrium)
2:30pm - Raffle Drawing #3 (at admission table)
3:00pm - Panel: TBA (atrium)
4:00pm - Costume Winners Announced (atrium)
4:30pm - Video Game Tournament (atrium)
6:00pm - Marketplace closed
6:00pm - Music Lounge Starts
8:00pm - All events over


Fan Panels:
We are proud to announce the addition of Fan Panels to our Anime Day events. These will be held a various times throughout the day in our new Event Room.

Host a Panel: FULL Please contact us if you are interested in running a fan panel at our show. Email us with your name, panel name, short description, tech requirements, age restrictions, and desired time. You will get two free passes and 1 hour for your panel time which includes both set up and break down.


Video Room: 10am-8pm
Come visit the video room to relax and check out some new anime that you may not have seen yet. We will focus on showing the first episodes of newer anime series that just came out. Think of it as an Anime buffet. You can come in and sample a bit of everything to find out which ones you like.

Video Game Room:
We are pleased to announce the addition of a video game room to our Anime Day events. There will be multiple games and systems available to play. This will be a small casual gaming area that we hope all can enjoy. So stop by and get your game on.

Video Game Tournament: Game TBA

sign up starts at 10am with tournament at 4:30pm

Show us your gaming skills and take part in our mini game tournament. Sign up for the tournament starts at 10am with the contest starting at 4:30 in the atrium event area.


Photo Scavenger Hunt:
Take part in our all-day photo scavenger hunt during the con. All you need is a digital camera and an eye for adventure. Come to the admission table any time during to show and ask for the photo scavenger list. It is your job to use your camera/cell phone and collect pictures of all the different items listed. Once you have all the pictures bring them back to the admission table. If you can collect all the items within 30 minutes of receiving the list then you and your group will get a small prize for completing the challenge.

-Pick up the Scavenger Hunt list at Admission Table.
-Use your own digital camera or cell phone.
-Picture must be unique for each item on the list.
-You or group member must be present in each picture.
-Use only 1 device to collect pictures if in a group.
-Judge has final say on qualifying pictures.
-Can only win once.
-Complete within 30 minutes to get a mini prize.



Other Events:
Costume Contest
Prize Giveaway


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